6 tips for stopping food waste at home

To mark Stop Food Waste Day, here are 6 ways you can minimise food waste at home without much effort at all.

33% of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste every year, and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by food loss and waste every year accounts for 8% of all emissions. To make a difference in your own home, here are six ways to minimise the amount of food waste you generate and make the most of your ingredients.

📅 Plan Ahead

Look at preparing a soup, stew, burrito, omelet or salad towards the end of the week, so you can use up the vegetable and fruit odds and ends you have.

🥕 Revive Your Veggies

A quick soak in ice water for 5-10 minutes can revive wilted
greens, saving them from the waste bin.

🍲 Use Leftovers

Blitz them up into soups, sauces, smoothies and salsas. Here’s a recipe for a leftover veggie soup, a pizza you can make with tomato pasta from the night before and a smoothie packed full of soft berries that would otherwise go to waste.

🥗 Utilize Root to Stem

Use the entire vegetable. Carrot tops, beet greens, broccoli, Swiss chard and kale stems are both delicious and packed with nutrients. Trendy
“cauliflower rice” is made from cauliflower cores, a part that used to be discarded.

🥔 Peel Less

No need to peel carrots and many other root vegetables if you are cook-
ing them. Like potatoes, many of their nutrients lie just under the skin, so not only can you save yourself some time prepping the meal but you’ll be maximising the goodness you can get from the ingredients.

🍋 Zest Away

Use a grater or zester on the outside rind of lemons, limes and oranges
before cutting and squeezing. The zest adds a burst of flavour to most dishes – or, you could save them for a tasty, citrus-y lemon cake perfect for the bright weather.

Fancy putting these tips into action for your next meal? Here are four delicious low/zero waste meals recommended to us by experts.