Our Story

Back in 2019 (when we were called This Much I Know), we became known as a one-stop-shop for news on Instagram. We shared the key stories of the day in an approachable, digestible, and visual format, to keep you informed and (hopefully!) a little less stressed out about the headlines.

But the conversations we were having with our community always went further. One story about plastic waste would become a long list of sustainability recommendations we can all have a go at. Our global lockdown reports from Ambassadors gave our UK community a portal through which to anticipate next steps. And on the issues close to our heart, we were offering tangible ways to make an impact.

We started with the news, but it was never just about telling you what’s happening. The reason we’re here is to share all that vital information – from multiple viewpoints, in a thoughtful way – but then use that as a springboard. What can we do to help? What should happen next? How can we come together to effect change?

And that’s what The Know is all about: taking these starting points for conversations, and building them into toolkits for making the world that bit better.