Are you feeling SAD, too? 🌧

Tips on how to beat the winter blues plus more great long reads from around the web this week - grab a cuppa and dive on in.

Dear Community,

A warm September has given life to a bright and colourful October. However, as the nights draw in you may be looking at ways to combat those winter blues.

We feel it too. 

That’s why we’ll be launching our Winter Warmer campaign, just as the clocks go back: a weekly newsletter filled with reasons to smile and activities to keep you busy over the coming weeks. 

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“Some tips and tricks for combatting the onset of SAD…”

It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? The nights are closing in, the weather’s taken a turn for the worse, and this year we also have the looming prospect of a second lockdown to potentially contend with (eesh). That means SAD (seasonal affective disorder, to you and me) is even more likely to rear its ugly head than in usual years. But luckily we’re prepared – and this article will help you be too


“There’s no limit to what some parents will pay.”

Did you know that around a quarter of British children are tutored? And that number goes up to over 40% for kids who live in London? They’re pretty shocking statistics, and it’s a picture that’s repeated across the world. This article ponders the effect that such a high-pressure system is having on kids, parents, and teachers – and talks about some pretty extraordinary tutoring experiences along the way. 


“How did women survive, care for others, and live through the many traumas of apartheid?”

This is a beautiful article about women in South Africa who used embroidery as a way to fight back against apartheid and gender inequality. Using their art as a way to narrate personal experiences of injustice, the women bravely break the silence on harrowing tales of poverty and partner violence. But while their embroideries serve as a canvas for the outpouring of pain, loss and trauma, their work also tells stories of hope, resilience and resistance. Worth a click for the photos of the artwork alone. 


“Ready to introduce CBD to your routine?”

From masks to oils and creams, CBD has infiltrated every corner of the skincare realm. It’s perhaps the most buzzed about ingredient of our generation, and it’s supposed chill-out merits have been applied to nearly every single product imaginable: CBD now comes infused into drinks, mixed into food and incorporated into oil-based remedies.

But what’s the secret to its world domination? And what exactly can it do for stressed-out complexions? Well, this article has the answers. Thank me later.

Watch this!

While all eyes are on the Whitehouse, some attention should be given to the Supreme Court nomination process. Amy Coney Barrett’s appearance last week demonstrated the threat she poses to the civil rights movement around abortion and the LGBTQ+ community.

Ever wondered how these people get into positions of power? Take a glance over this article from the Mother Jones and watch Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse explain in less than 3 minutes how dark money is infiltrating American democracy.