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Join our network and help us report on the news that matters to you

We are currently building a global network of TMIK Ambassadors to report on what is happening in their lives and areas. And we want you to join!

We have set up a TMIK Ambassador network because we want to change the way news is delivered. We want real people, on the ground where the news is happening – that’s you! – to tell us firsthand what they see, think, and feel. It’s not just about us telling the news, we’re doing it together, as a community. 

Our mission as a company has never been more vital, and as a TMIK Ambassador, you can be a crucial part of our movement. 

We’ve already had TMIK readers from around the globe join the programme. Those in Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, India, Australia, France, and more, have shared their personal experiences of the pandemic.

What you get from us!

  • Access to our TMIK Ambassadors Facebook group. A place where you can chat, share content, and connect with other ambassadors and the TMIK team.
  • Subscription to our exclusive TMIK Ambassadors newsletter. 
  • Exclusive free access to TMIK events, online and offline.
  • Your reports published on our app, socials and website.
  • Your name and profile photo (if you wish!) on our website. 
  • You are part of our ideas forum.
  • Always free access to TMIK. 

If you are interested to join our Network, please send an email to hello@theknowmedia.co telling us your name, age, what you do, and where you’re from/are currently based. 

You can also fill in this form and share a bit about yourself, what you would like to contribute and, in turn, what you would like to see from the network:

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We can’t wait to have you on board! This is just the beginning…