Lockdown Love Stories

We’re asking you to share the love you found in lockdown, and remind us of all of the good that can be found in hard times.

As we head into our second wave of restrictions, it’s hard not to focus on all the things we’ve had to sacrifice. But in the void where the things we lost once stood, a space for reflection and appreciation emerges. We’re asking you to share the love you found in lockdown, and remind us of all of the good that can be found in hard times. By Sadia Nowshin.

As Rihanna once wisely articulated: we found love in a hopeless place.

The first lockdown was unlike anything we’ve experienced before – but in times of hardship, there are moments of hope to be found. 

We’re asking you for your (anonymous, if you’d prefer!) love stories from lockdown for a new mini series, celebrating the people who make our lives that little bit brighter. We’re keen to hear about love in all its forms, whether that’s romantic, platonic or even witnessed from afar.

You can write a letter to the young couple you see on your daily walk in the park, the one person who has kept you going over the past few months, or the friends who have got you through 2020 in one piece. With a max word count of 200 words, you can write a mini letter, describe a memory you look back on with particular fondness or even pen a haiku, if you’re feeling extra creative. Whatever it is, we only ask that it has positivity at its heart and inspires some faith to be restored in the world. 

purple flowers on paper

To kick us off, Emma has written her own touching tribute to give you an idea of the kind of thing we’d love to see, proving that you can encapsulate a whole life of love into one little paragraph. 

“It’s funny how love gently grows when life is lived within four walls, becoming smaller, slower, and more imaginative. I have a lot of feelings and nowhere to put them, so I buy a wodge of thick paper. We start to send letters between my small London flat and where they are, walking next to a sea full of sky, herons watching from the stillness. I imagine mum off for a beach run through the dreich Scottish weather, dad reading with a wee dram sat where I should be, my sister’s jeans slung low and guitar over one shoulder, terrorising each teenage boy on the island. My heart aches but they are safe, in the presence of still water. Above us all, the stars are waiting with their light.”

Lockdown can be tough, and it’s easy to lose faith in the world. With this mini series, we hope to inspire you to learn from the love we experienced the first time round and find these moments of tenderness and joy again, as we head into it all a second time. 

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