Nice to meet you. We’re The Know.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... Or would it? This year we’re changing our name. Here’s why.

Hello! Bonjour! We have a new name! We are no longer called This Much I Know. Instead, we’re going by, wait for it…. The Know. Similar, but different. A glow-up if we do say so ourselves. And here’s why.

We’ll happily be the first ones to admit that This Much I Know is a bit of a mouthful. We found it hard to explain to our families over dinner (and even harder to explain to total strangers over Zoom.) We also began to feel that the name itself indicated a sense of complacency, as if we’d finished learning by saying, “okay, this is all I know”. Instead, we see ourselves as a starting point for a conversation. We tell you what you need to know about an issue, why you should care, and what you can do about it. We think of this as a mini toolkit to help you look after yourself and the world around you. 

We’re incredibly grateful that you’re here for the ride. From this point on, we’re The Know, and we’re really happy to meet you. Behind all this, we’re a team of seven people who deeply believe in the need for a new kind of media – one that is purpose-driven, action-oriented, and hopeful. Get to know us here.