19th May 2021

What are The Know Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors are a special part of our community and they... Read more »

25th November 2020

Ambassador Report: Covid in Hong Kong

Here’s a report from our Ambassador in Hong Kong, Rebecca J Merrit, with the controversies and challenges for the territory.

17th September 2020

Hua Mulan, China and me

With all the controversy around Disney's Mulan, are we at risk of forgetting the lessons the original legend teaches about defying gender norms?

9th September 2020

Protests return in Hong Kong

Last Sunday was supposed to be election day in Hong Kong. Instead, the city saw the largest street protest since the launch of the National Security Law.

11th August 2020

Hong Kong arrests explained

On Monday, the founder of Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai, was arrested under the National Security Law introduced six weeks ago.

6th August 2020

“Solidarity can save lives”

Brazil favelas are joining efforts to fight the pandemic.

22nd July 2020

Falun Gong: the ‘evil cult’ feared by China

The movement has an awkward place in Hong Kong

3rd July 2020

Hongkongers: where to go from here?

We look at options now the National Security Law has come into effect

1st June 2020

How COVID-19 is hitting the Amazon

Our Ambassador Victor Souza tells us how the region is being affected