11th September 2020

Your Friday Culture picks!

Here are the 5 (and a half, kind of) things you could be reading/watching/listening to this week as you take some time out for yourself!

11th September 2020

Are the Oscars (finally) becoming more diverse?

After the backlash in recent years around the lack of diversity in the Oscars, the renowned Academy have introduced new standards.

10th September 2020

“I Hate Men”: French minister bans feminist book

The French publisher Monstrograph has faced prison threats from the ministry... Read more »

9th September 2020

BLM performance gets Ofcom complaints

The dance addressed the Black Lives Matter movement and ITV received over 1000 Ofcom complaints, opposing the message that the performance advocated.

8th September 2020

A defence for WAP’s bad rap

Who knew a song could cause so much controversy?

8th September 2020

London gets twice the arts funding of rest of England

We think it's time that changed.

5th September 2020

The best things to read this weekend!

A stellar profile, oat milk drama and Star Wars from the inside.

4th September 2020

Films and docs to watch on human rights

Our top-five selection from around the world.

4th September 2020

Why is Mulan being boycotted?

Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan is being released today. But ahead of the release, calls for its boycott have reignited.