4th September 2020

Your Friday culture picks!

It's Friday, and you know what that means... here are 5 recommendations of things you could watch/read/listen to this week!

1st September 2020

Cultural appropriation vs appreciation?

How do you distinguish between cultural appropriation and appreciation? Here's a breakdown of the debate.

28th August 2020

7 things to watch/read/listen to this week

To make the most of the relaxing weekend ahead, here are the culture picks I recommend you dip into this week. Enjoy!

21st August 2020

TMIK’s Sounds of Lockdown Playlist

We asked our community for their go-to tunes for our Sounds of Lockdown playlist… Here’s what they said!

21st August 2020

What to read/watch/listen to this week

We’ve made your week ahead even easier with these recommendations of exactly what you could read/watch/listen to in your downtime.

13th August 2020

No Edinburgh Fringe = no fun

The fest catapults acts to fame. In its absence, how will we find raw talent?

13th August 2020

The Red Alert campaign: venues on the brink

#WeMakeEvents: the movement trying to rescue the events industry.

12th August 2020

Mansplaining explained… by 17th-century art

One writer's unusual way of turning the joke back on men

10th August 2020

What’s going on with Ellen?

Whichever social media platform you choose to scroll through, there’s no escaping the Ellen Degeneres Show drama.