4th August 2020

In defence of the Humanities

Now, more than ever, we should be pushing for kids to be educated in the humanities subjects - here’s why.

31st July 2020

Celebrating an Eid like no other

How will celebrations differ this year?

30th July 2020

A grim autumn for culture?

Where will the recovery fund go? And is it all too little too late?

28th July 2020

Bollywood’s nepotism problem

It's received fresh criticism after recent tragedies

27th July 2020

The 48 hour Wiley Walkout

Social media boycott follows Wiley's antisemitic rant

24th July 2020

Women lead Mercury Prize nominations

What do this year’s nominations say about our music industry?

23rd July 2020

Why do we need to #FreeBritney?

What should we be freeing Britney Spears from, and why?

22nd July 2020

What to binge-watch next

From 70s feminism in Mrs. America to female-led comic-book action in The Old Guard

21st July 2020

Music industry faces a key change

What will the music scene look like post-lockdown and how can we save it?