24th September 2020

Calls to make misogyny a hate crime

An independent body has advised the govt that misogyny should be treated as a hate crime when it’s the motivation for a crime.

21st September 2020

Belarus on the streets

Protests continued in Belarus this weekend, as tens of thousands took to the streets to demand the resignation of president Lukashenko.

17th September 2020

Justice for Breonna Taylor? The Historic Settlement explained…

The family of Breonna Taylor received a $12 million settlement from Louisville officials. But is it what the Taylor family deserve?

14th September 2020

The energy gender gap is widening

A new study shows that 65% of women have felt tired, unproductive or even depressed during this period, while the number of men who felt the same way is significantly lower. We’ve got some tips for how to get energised.

9th September 2020

Belarus protest leaders kidnapped

On Sunday, more than 100,000 people marched on the president’s residence... Read more »

8th September 2020

Black woman to lead Louisville police force responsible for Breonna Taylor shooting

First black woman appointed as Chief to repair the divides caused by Breonna Taylor's death

7th September 2020

Boris criticises XR’s attack on free press

On Friday, XR protesters targeted Newsprinters printing, blocking the day’s newspapers... Read more »

4th September 2020

The Oatly Boycott: Oat milk, deforestation and Trump

Oatly, the Swedish milk alternative brand, has come under fire from... Read more »

3rd September 2020

Set the Trend with #SecondHandSeptember

Second Hand September is back and this year Michaela Coel is fronting the campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of fast fashion.