2nd September 2020

XR plan new wave of protests

Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion have revealed plans for protests across the country, to bring attention back to the climate crisis.

26th August 2020

Wisconsin protests for Jacob Blake

TW. Protesters have taken to Wisconsin's streets to demand justice for Jacob Blake, who may never walk again after being shot by police.

24th August 2020

What’s happening to protesters in Belarus

The risk of standing up to Europe's last dictator.

14th August 2020

Five places where people were protesting this week

Five protests that happened this week

13th August 2020

When politicians fail, ice cream steps up

Priti Patel has entered her latest feud with an unlikely opponent… ice cream makers Ben & Jerrys.

10th August 2020

The last dictator in Europe clings on to power

Protesters clash with riot police, who have used stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowds.

10th August 2020

What’s happening in Hong Kong now?

Though images of Hong Kong’s protests no longer fill our TV screens, the struggle for change within the territory is far from over.

1st August 2020

AOC & The Poison of Male Incivility

Your long reads this weekend

29th July 2020

Femicide on the rise in Turkey

After Pinar Gültekin was murdered by an ex-boyfriend, women in Turkey have taken to the streets