7th October 2020

September 2020 the warmest on record

Temperatures were 0.05C hotter last month than September 2019, which in... Read more »

5th October 2020

Fast food companies fight deforestation

A number of UK food companies have called on the government to introduce tougher laws when it comes to protecting the rainforest.

5th October 2020

Egypt using dating apps to arrest LGBTQ+

"They beat me and cursed me until I signed papers that said I was ‘practicing debauchery’ and publicly announcing it to fulfill my ‘unnatural sexual desires’.”

1st October 2020

Fashion Revolution on hold? Not anymore!

With second-hand September coming to an end, let’s talk about sustainable fashion: a topic which seems to have been put on the back-burner.

30th September 2020

WFH: the rise of monitoring software

It can be difficult enough trying to complete a task with... Read more »

22nd September 2020

World split over climate change urgency

A poll has found that citizens across the world have very different attitudes when it comes to the urgency of the climate crisis...

18th September 2020

Coronavirus and Revenge Porn: What’s the link?

One unexpected impact of the pandemic - the increase in revenge porn. This phenomenon is on the rise, but what does Coronavirus have to do with it?

10th September 2020

We need to talk about pollution (again)

Pollution has a whole load of nasty consequences, and we’re already seeing the effects: here’s what they are, and why you should care.

8th September 2020

The role of digital technologies in Belarus’ protests

How are protests fighting police brutality in Belarus? Well, technology has had an important role to play, and we want to tell you about it.