1st September 2020

Together we are loud: the app transforming how sexual assault is reported

An app built by survivors, for survivors.

28th August 2020

The dangerous TikTok ‘beauty hacks’

Recent data shows that 39% of girls and young women never post a selfie online without using a filter or app to enhance their appearance.

27th August 2020

Counting the cost of Climate Change

The economic argument for acting now

20th August 2020

Where are we with the climate crisis?

Greta Thunberg is disappointed with the world for failing to act fast enough to combat climate change. But has enough progress been made?

20th August 2020

Self-driving cars by Spring 2021

New proposals suggest self-driving cars could be a thing by next year.

18th August 2020

What university might look like in 2021

Life on campus will look a lot different this year.

17th August 2020

Psychedelic therapies show new promise

Can psychedelic therapies unlock a new possible treatment to help heal ou mental health.

12th August 2020

Police use of facial recognition violates human rights

The Court of Appeal has ruled that facial recognition was used by British police force unlawfully, in a violation of human rights.

7th August 2020

How to go green post-lockdown

Even in the midst of all the chaos of a pandemic, we can still be doing our bit to curb our impact on the environment.