4th August 2020

Reinvesting, not defunding the police

What it actually means for the police and society

29th July 2020

New study: dogs are good for young kids

A new study says dogs may contribute positively towards early childhood development

28th July 2020

The U-turn on facial recognition

Tech giant IBM has announced its withdrawal from the market

28th July 2020

Amazon join the grocery game

Meanwhile, Bezos is set to be the world’s first trillionaire by 2026

28th July 2020

It’s a cycling ‘revolution’

Residents are going to get new decision-making powers

27th July 2020

Are women better leaders than men?

New data suggests they are

21st July 2020

TikTok: the renegade app

TikTok has evolved from a Gen Z social media tool to a global political machine

8th July 2020

The dark rise of fasting apps

Are they simply useful tools or dangerously open to misuse?

1st July 2020

Will WFH spark a city exodus?

Has the pandemic triggered a rethink of our living situations?