26th November 2020

Christmas tier, oh Christmas tier

Hancock set to reveal our post-lockdown tier, Priti is at the centre of scandal again and Trump pardons a self-confessed liar...

25th November 2020

The fight before Christmas

UK govt try to spend themselves out of a hole, Trump has "changed the landscape" and Scotland to end period poverty: all in today's take 5!

24th November 2020

Trump opens coffers to Biden

We cover the new tiering systems, Trump handing over to Biden, the top news from Biden's cabinet, Sarkozy's headed for the dock, and great news from New Zealand.

23rd November 2020

It’s beginning to look like tougher restrictions

Plus a public sector pay freeze, Trump's still being a sore loser, changes to the age of consent in Japan, and a hero has passed away.

20th November 2020

And they lived happily ever after… for 73 years

Ft. revenge porn in Ireland, Priti Patel, Georgia, the Pogues and the Royals.

19th November 2020

Let’s talk vaccines

All you need to know & why you should be hopeful about it

19th November 2020

Boris: defender of realms

We cover Boris, trouble for Sainsbury's, apprenticeships, Australian troops, and bookstore love!

18th November 2020

Come clean over Covid cash

Boris has green dreams, Rashford's back for the kids and one of the generous donors bringing us a potential vaccine might surprise you...

17th November 2020

Twitter tantrums and the tricky transition of power

Everyone is simply waiting for Trump to finally concede & the transition to begin. The question is: what does Trump have to gain from digging in his heels?