22nd July 2021

Recognising the difference between alone time and being lonely

With a summer packed full of social plans, one writer reflects on the value to be found in enjoying your own company.

1st July 2021

Here’s why it’s time to end the ‘quitters never prosper’ mindset

With the pandemic transforming how we think about work, attitudes towards quitting as a form of self-care are changing - and rightly so.

23rd June 2021

30 ways to make the most of your weekend

You don't need the end of lockdown to make the most of your weekend - here's a bumper bucket list of fun activities to make some memories.

15th June 2021

Your ultimate guide to a sustainable summer

Get your eco-friendly hot girl summer going with these sustainable swaps - plus some exclusive discounts to help you save!

9th June 2021

I’m becoming my friend’s boss. Do things have to change?

We unpack the difference between friendly and friends.

2nd June 2021

5 ways to support a friend going through grief

One of the hardest conversations we'll have post-pandemic is about grief. Here's how to approach it sensitively and be a supportive friend.

26th May 2021

Your menstrual myth buster

Got questions about your period? Join the club. So, we spoke to a top gynaecologist to get you answers to the things you really want to know.

19th May 2021

How to DIY the afternoon tea of dreams

With sunny weather just around the corner, here's how to replicate the classy vibes of an afternoon tea at home.

19th May 2021

A love letter to the humble brew

In honour of National Tea Day, we look back at the simple pleasure of a good brew in a love letter to the humble cup of tea.