14th August 2020

How to hope in 2020 🕊️

And other great long reads from the week

12th August 2020

Let’s clear up the Clearing fear.

There’s a stigma and fear around the Clearing process that we’d like to debunk - with the help of some students who went through it themselves.

7th August 2020

This relationship advice: yay or nay?

Here's our favourite collection of long reads from around the web this weekend.

4th August 2020

What’s like to holidaying during Covid?

TMIK Ambassador Dina Patel told us about her experience in Italy

31st July 2020

#LessonsLearnedInLockdown: Life

In the last of our #LessonsLearnedInLockdown, let’s reflect on the Big Life Lessons to take away.

29th July 2020

It’s not goodbye but au revoir…

Our reporter Sarah reflects on a year at TMIK as she goes off on mat leave

28th July 2020

Lockdown made the nation happier

How would you do lockdown the second time around?

24th July 2020

#LessonsLearnedInLockdown: Mental Health

What have we learned about our own wellbeing?

24th July 2020

How to feel more proud of who you are

...and other great reads from the week