26th June 2020

A love letter to writing

Why you should pick up a pen and start to write

24th June 2020

Which quarantiner are you?

Take our test to see which type of quarantiner you are…

24th June 2020

TMIK’s words of advice for students

Wise words for new grads on how to deal with these strange times

16th June 2020

Introducing Sadia: our Midlands star

Meet the newest addition to the TMIK team

8th June 2020

Unemployed in a pandemic

How to cope with unemployment in a pandemic

8th June 2020

Unemployment: Mental health advice

Five tips for emotional resilience through unemployment

8th June 2020

Unemployment: Practical HR advice

Top tips from a HR consultant on coping with unemployment

8th June 2020

Unemployment: Advice from a Life Coach

Top tips for coping with unemployment from a life coach

2nd June 2020

Michael: our new starter at TMIK

Meet our new Birmingham reporter