27th May 2020

Life within four walls

TMIK reader Holly Smith describes disabled life in lockdown

27th May 2020

The Happy List

We share what's making you happy right now from sunshine to wine.

26th May 2020

Me, my friends and mental health

Reporter Michael share what he's learned about mental health

21st May 2020

We need to talk about…rule-breaking

Have you been breaking the rules (even if only a little bit...)?

20th May 2020

Ultimate Guide to Easing Lockdown

Cycling. Face masks. Managing expectations.

20th May 2020

Dealing with postponement

How to cope with delayed or cancelled plans

19th May 2020

TMIK podcast: Ask Gabrielle

Tune in for expert guidance on mental health in lockdown

14th May 2020

The joy of running

TMIK reporter Sarah shares how it's helped her through lockdown

14th May 2020

How to deal with grief in a pandemic

We hear from a psychologist