31st March 2021

I’m finally feeling hopeful – you should too.

It can be hard to stay hopeful in times as tough as these - but there are always reasons to stay optimistic, even in the little things.

31st March 2021

How do you make conversation after a pandemic?

After a year of basically no social life, the idea of having full conversation post-pandemic can be a bit daunting - here's what to say.

25th March 2021

How to use your holiday days right now

With many needing to take annual leave soon, it can be hard to know what to do with the time off when everything is closed... We've got you!

24th March 2021

Simple ways to reset for Spring

Here are 5 ways to make the most of the season of Spring and use the time to reset, even when you have a busy day on your hands.

10th March 2021

Age is just a number – even after losing a year to a pandemic

Are you worried you're a year behind? Here's why we should combat the idea that success has an age limit, and how to reframe your outlook

10th March 2021

Here’s proof that success has no age limit…

To combat the outdated idea that you have to achieve personal success by a certain age, here's proof that your goals have no expiry date

4th March 2021

HIIT vids and fad diets: could June 21 ruin exercise?

With the pressure of June 21st, what could the pressure of a post-lockdown glow-up do to our relationship with exercise?

4th March 2021

Outdoor activities that aren’t walking

So, we might see life open up again over the next few months. But what can you do with your friend(s) outside that isn't strolling?

4th March 2021

5 ways to reframe ‘get fit’ thinking

The words we all need to hear sometimes.