25th February 2021

Would you want this job perk?

With the rise of wellness becoming a corporate responsibility, we have to ask: are the lines between home and work become too blurred?

25th February 2021

Anxious about lockdown easing? You’re not alone.

While everyone else seems to celebrate lockdown easing, you might find yourself less enthused - here's how you can manage those emotions.

25th February 2021

5 ways to actively improve your WFH mood

Check out these 5 steps that you could easily implement right now to make WFH a little more bearable - you're welcome!

15th February 2021

Is this how teens talk about sex?

After Zoella was pulled from the GCSE curriculum for sharing a sex toy guide, it's time to talk about the taboo of female pleasure...

12th February 2021

Soul Searching With… Lynn Anderson Clark

Our brill new CEO and Co-founder Lynn Anderson Clark shares some deep thoughts in the first of our Soul Searching With... series!

12th February 2021

Tips to tackle your lockdown insomnia

Found yourself struggling to sleep recently? Here are some self-care tips to tackle that lockdown insomnia and finally drift off...

28th January 2021

My ‘unusual’ name is not yours to adapt, and here’s why…

After Twitter sparked conversation around the struggles that people with an 'unusual' name have to deal with, here are 5 things NOT to say...

12th January 2021

‘My flatmate won’t obey lockdown rules. How can I keep living here?’

For the first of our No Shame series, here's a dilemma involving lockdown rules, a dodgy flatmate and the stress that this combination can cause...

6th January 2021

How to stay hopeful in 2021

2020 was quite a year, and we're all ready for a change. Here's how you can keep your spirits up and stay hopeful throughout 2021!