13th October 2020

Are you feeling SAD?

(That’s seasonal affective disorder, to you and me)

9th October 2020

Losing touch: an ode to the hug

In the era of the pandemic, hugging our loved ones hello without a second thought is but a distant memory. So, what are the effects of the lack of touch?

9th October 2020

My ex used astrology to justify our breakup 💫

This and other great reads from the week.

5th October 2020

Taking care of your money worries

We say goodbye to our financial campaign - and hello to our very first virtual workshop.

4th October 2020

Should you warn newbies about your boss? 🤔

Look no further for your weekend downtime reading content: we’ve got... Read more »

2nd October 2020

No knead to stress: the therapeutic benefits of baking.

Inspired by the return of Bake off? Well, good news: baking has tons of benefits, even beyond just having delicious treats to eat.

2nd October 2020

This Much I Know About… Budgeting

We've had a brilliant week chatting about all things budget with Clare Seal of My Frugal Year.

30th September 2020

Flat lockdowns and Zoom lectures

There’s a general anger amongst students about the lack of communication received from universities as the academic year begins, feelings are mixed...

28th September 2020

Meet our budgeting expert…

For Week 4 of our financial guide, we're chatting all things budgeting with Clare from My Frugal Year.