8th October 2020

PM pledges help to first-time buyers with 95% mortgages

In addition to his vow to build factories on the beaches and build wind turbines in the sea, as part of his Build Back Greener initiative, the PM was eager to tout his party's housing policy.

7th October 2020

September 2020 the warmest on record

Temperatures were 0.05C hotter last month than September 2019, which in... Read more »

28th September 2020

PM pledges to protect UK land

In a plan to support the recovery of nature, Boris Johnson has vowed to protect 30% of the UK’s land by 2030

24th September 2020

5 Brexit stories you might have missed this week

I’m still unsure whether that ticking is the countdown for this oven ready deal to be served up, or a ticking Brexit time-bomb of explosive “told-you-so’s”.

23rd September 2020

New Covid restrictions for England

In his televised address, the PM warned of “tougher measures” if people do not follow the rules and the virus is not brought back under control.

22nd September 2020

Is Boris Johnson underpaid?

When Boris took the position as top dog, he took quite a significant pay cut, at that. In fact, the Times reported last year that the squeeze would have been in the region of £670,000 less.

7th September 2020

Boris criticises XR’s attack on free press

On Friday, XR protesters targeted Newsprinters printing, blocking the day’s newspapers... Read more »

10th August 2020

NHS workers protest pay rise snub

30 marches were organised across the UK to protest the government's decision.

30th July 2020

Boris criticised for false poverty claims

PM’s claims about the decline of poverty under his government called into question