1st July 2021

Here’s why it’s time to end the ‘quitters never prosper’ mindset

With the pandemic transforming how we think about work, attitudes towards quitting as a form of self-care are changing - and rightly so.

7th April 2021

Can CBD oil help cure anxiety?

With more people trying out the wealth of CBD products on offer, is the cannabis derivative actually worth all the hype?

13th October 2020

Are you feeling SAD?

(That’s seasonal affective disorder, to you and me)

2nd October 2020

No knead to stress: the therapeutic benefits of baking.

Inspired by the return of Bake off? Well, good news: baking has tons of benefits, even beyond just having delicious treats to eat.

16th September 2020

“Profound” rise in anxiety since 2008.

A study has found that there’s been an “explosion” of anxiety in the UK: but what can you do if you’ve noticed a rise in your own anxiety levels?

10th September 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day

The purpose of today is to raise awareness and cast light on a dark subject.

17th August 2020

Psychedelic therapies show new promise

Can psychedelic therapies unlock a new possible treatment to help heal ou mental health.

24th July 2020

#LessonsLearnedInLockdown: Mental Health

What have we learned about our own wellbeing?

8th June 2020

Unemployment: Mental health advice

Five tips for emotional resilience through unemployment