The Happy List

We share what's making you happy right now from sunshine to wine.

You might feel brilliant today but wake up blue tomorrow. Or you might be reading this at a time when you need a little pick-me-up. We asked our community what’s making them happy right now, and compiled it into this mega list so we can all refer back, whenever we need.

1.Writing poetry is making me happy. It’s something I used to do a bit more, but often gets forgotten in the pace of everyday life. With my extra time I’ve been reading more poetry and writing my own. It feels different to anything else I do! – Holly, Team TMIK

2. Playlists shared by friends – @lisa_vs_pizza

3. Painting! – @amandasummons

4. Painting! 🎨 – @amandasummons

5. Sunshine in the garden ☀️ – @crogerson

6. Slow pace of life – @sophiekalawala

7. Sunshine and tea, preferably tea ☕ in the sunshine! – @merrylittleworld

8. Spending lots of quality time with my kids. Not rushing everywhere. – @olivesgardens

9. One of the highlights of my locked down birthday was a box of different tea tasters I was sent by a friend. Picking out my morning brew is genuinely one of my favourite times in the day – there’s never been a better time to try new things (even if new things are in the form of a tea bag). I can highly suggest investing in some. – Emma, Team TMIK

10. Walking the dog 🐶 . High low podcast. All killa no filla podcast. – @lucygr86

11. Walks in nature 🍃 – @fredzisme

12. Wine 🍷 and family FaceTime 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 – @dianeloveslife

13. Great coffee ☕ and open space/green space! Nature heals. – @lauraestmoi

14. Picnics! The incredibly un-British sunshine and consistent blue skies have certainly kept me cheerful through lockdown (by contrast, that one week of grey and drizzle I was a puddle of depression). But in particular, being able to now sit down and enjoy a picnic or simply soak up some rays with a mag has been an absolute game-changer this week.

Plus the fact that everyone else is doing the same (perhaps not all, ahem, strictly following the guidelines but pretty close) has breathed some much-needed life back into our formerly eerily-quiet area. Being sat with a pizza from the newly-reopened Franco Manca and some drinks on the park lawn was the closest I’ve come to an actual night out in months. I was so giddy with excitement I got the giggles! – Sarah, Team TMIK

15. Cooking a roast for my (young) family and eating all together on a Sunday evening. – @cazchristensen

16. Chocolate – @laurajmillerr

17. Actually noticing the birds singing! – @shons_mac

18. Realising that my relationship can literally survive anything ❤️ – @lab1990

19. My garden 🌻 – @sallydionealden

20. Sunshine and being able to see friends for a socially distanced run 🏃‍♀️ or walk – @t.aytes

21. My cat! 🐱 – @cerievans

22. Getting to spend time sorting the garden. 🏡 – @21mtd

23. Hugs 🤗 from my kids – @mrs_hibberd

24. Sleep 😴 – @ednaholroyd

25. Cooking 🍳 and eating good food – @hattie_lawton

26. Getting out in nature 🌲 – @vydune_vidi

27. Cats, growing vegetables 🥕, getting creative, lots of walks – @tillycgrimes

28. Running on Downs 🏃‍♀️ – @beckystone_1

29. Sunshine 🌞 – @ashlee.v.t

30. During lockdown I’ve been enjoying trying new recipes, mainly baking, not having to travel by tube 🚫 and playing quizzes with my family on Zoom! – Marta, Team TMIK

What is making you happy at the moment? Share with us!