TMIK podcast: Ask Gabrielle

Tune in for expert guidance on mental health in lockdown

Did you know TMIK has just launched our first podcast? The latest episode is all about “Staying Alert”, whilst also finding the time and space to switch off.

We are living through lockdown and we are all trying to do our best. But some things are difficult to navigate alone. Uncertainty affects our own mind, our relationships, our families. So how do we best navigate this new emotional landscape?

Ask Gabrielle is a podcast helping you do just that. Every week, journalist and founder of #ThisMuchIKnow, Emily Sheffield, will interview the renowned psychotherapist Gabrielle Rifkind about the topics we need most support with today. Tune in every week for support and solidarity in lockdown here.

As businesses struggle to survive through lockdown, some industries have already started to shed jobs. Losing your job can be a difficult and scary thing to face.

Sarah Bradbury, a journalist at #TMIK has been looking into how we can best cope and move forward with being newly unemployed. In this week’s episode, her and Gabrielle discuss the immediate impact losing a job can have on an individual, and strategies you can start using to get yourself back on track and into a role that is right for you.

Listen here and below:

Last week’s episode was hosted by Michael Delaney, our new reporter based in our Birmingham hub. He and Gabrielle discussed what this pandemic has helped us uncover about the state of our mental health, and how it can give us hope for a ‘new normal’ where wellbeing is prioritised.

They touched on how lockdown has forced the modern world to stop, put the rat race on pause, and given us all time to reflect on life before, during and after COVID-19.

Listen to it here and below:

Episode 3 was hosted by Holly Beddingfield, a journalist at #ThisMuchIKnow. She and Gabrielle discussed how to “Stay Alert”, whilst also finding the time and space to switch off.

Covering topics such as telling your friends you need a break from Covid chat and how to find control in an uncertain time, the episode is led by questions from the #ThisMuchIKnow community.

Listen to it here and below:

In episode two, Emily asked Gabrielle: How do we tackle separation from elderly or vulnerable loved ones, especially when this may continue until there is a vaccine?

How do we talk about death and loss to our friends and family? And how do you reach out and comfort when there can be no physical hugs?

Listen to it here and below:

In episode one, Emily spoke with Gabrielle about navigating relationships during lockdown.

How do you maintain good habits set at the start? What about when the fatigue and uncertainty drag on? The pair share honest anecdotes and offer tips to implement in your own household.

Listen to it here and below:

What would you like to ask Gabrielle? Get in touch with us at hello@theknowmedia.co.