What are The Know Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors are a special part of our community and they help us with two things: reporting on the issues they care about, and spreading the word about us.

We really believe in our mission to take action around the headlines and empower our readers to build towards a better future. We set up our Ambassador community so you can be part of it too. Plus we promise it’s fun!

What would I do?

Help spread the word about The Know with your friends, family, colleagues, the random bloke you met on Tinder and beyond. We track this through newsletter referrals (and prizes, obvs).

To say thank you for spreading the word about us, we’d like to offer you some wonderful prizes.

What will I win?

3 referrals: 🗣️ A shout out

We shout out your name (and Insta handle if you’d like!) in our newsletter and on Instagram. A public display of affection, if you will.

5 referrals: 💸 Discounts with our favourite brands

We send you discounts for some awesome brands (think sustainable, female-founded, all-round gems) so you can treat yourself right.

10 referrals: ✊ Champion a cause

Choose a cause you care about and we’ll share why they matter and how to help with our passionate, 60,000-strong audience encouraging them to take action that you’ll see in real time.

20 referrals: 🎨 Digital art

We’ve found a fantastic, up-and-coming artists to design prints that even Picasso would’ve been glad to have on his wall. We’ll send you an exclusive digital copy so you can print it yourself in an eco-friendly way. What will you do with it! An A3 print? Chuck it on a mug? Pop it on a postcard for a friend? The opportunities are endless…

30 referrals: 🛍️ Free item from our shop

Drum roll please… We’re launching our very own shop at the end of this year so you can wear The Know as much as you love it! We’re thinking beautiful journals, fab phone accessories, sustainable tote bags… You name it, we’re putting it on merch. Take your pick of any item and it’ll be sent to you for FREE.

*All prizes will be given at the end of the month in which they were earned. For the free item, we’ll contact you to see what you’d like.

How do I start?

✍️ Sign up to one (or maybe even both) of our fabulous newsletters.
Even better, sign up using one of your friend’s referral codes.

📧 Receive your own unique referral code
If you scroll to the bottom of either our daily or weekly newsletter, you’ll find your own unique referral code.

💛 Share your unique referral code with your friends and family
Know someone who could do with a bit of The Know, in their life? Send them your referral code and you’ll move one step closer to your next milestone when they successfully sign up.

🚨 We’ll send you an email when you hit a milestone
As soon as you hit that goal, we’ll be straight in your inbox to say a BIG thank you and you can claim your prize.

👀 Want to know how close you are to the next milestone?
Underneath the unique referral code in each email is a link you can follow to check on your progress.

🙋Need some help?
You can always get in touch with us! Either drop us a DM on Instagram or email us at hello@theknowmedia.co