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Every week we round up some of the best long reads from across the web. This weekend we’re reading about period sex on telly, a modern day saviour, and one helluva a beautiful love story. Curated by Emma Irving.

The One You Send To Your Friends

“I got friendship, love and free food”

This is the very best kind of love story – that of a 70-year friendship. Comedy icons Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner made each other laugh from the day they met, and this brilliant interview with them both from February will make you feel all warm and gooey inside. Carl Reiner passed away this week, aged 98, so there’s never been a better time to think about all the good times the two shared together – or about the good times you share with your own friends.

The Firestarter

This woman has rescued 72,000 human trafficking victims

Hasina Kharbhih is the kind of woman I want to hear about/meet/be. Her Impulse NGO Network has used an innovative model to rescue 72,000 women and children trafficked across India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal. Wondering how she’s done it? Read this article.

The Hard Hitter

“If you were trying to design an organisation perfectly empowered to lead the fight against a global pandemic, I’m not sure it’d look like this.”

While most of the country is heading towards freedom, Leicester very sadly is not. The site of the UK’s first local lockdown – and the corresponding shift from national to local strategies for fighting the pandemic – prompts some important questions: one is whether local government, stripped of money and support during austerity, is up to the job; the other is where exactly is Leicester? The geographies covered by NHS organisations, business groups like local enterprise partnerships and the police aren’t the same. How do you ensure people know which side of the line they’re on? This article tries to work it out.

Scroll On The Loo

About bloody time

Have you watched I May Destroy You yet? If you haven’t, I’ve just found your Sunday afternoon activity. Without giving any spoilers, one thing that comes up in the blisteringly good series is period sex. And it got me thinking – how rare is that? The twin taboos of sex and menstruation on screen? The Guardian’s Hanna Flint thought the same – so she wrote this piece about female writers and directors who are starting to change the way women’s bodies are portrayed on screen. Read it, then go switch on the telly.

Listen up!

I couldn’t stop listening to Scrubs co-stars and real-life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison on this episode with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, and one of the stars of the show, Sarah Chalke, as they discuss the shows’ difficult history with Blackface.