Your ultimate guide to a sustainable summer

Get your eco-friendly hot girl summer going with these sustainable swaps - plus some exclusive discounts to help you save!

Ethical and chic? Yes, it is possible. A new generation of cult labels are creating items that are as stylish as they are sustainable. From dresses to deodorant, we’ve found our top picks for ethical, eco-conscious, cruelty-free products, so you can treat yourself while treating the planet. Thank us later.

So, without further ado, here are our best brands for a sustainable summer, with some exclusive discounts so you can save a few coins to spend on an extra colourful cocktail. Drum roll please…

Name: Wild Deodorant 

What they’re selling:  A refillable, natural deodorant that focuses on performance, sustainability and style for people who want to make an eco-friendly summer swap.

The origin story: Founded with a mission to shake up the throwaway culture of toiletries, Wild wanted to imagine an alternative future for personal care products – one that didn’t end up in landfill. 

Why we’re obsessed: The deodorants are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, as well as free from aluminium and parabens. Plus, the applicators are made from a durable aluminium and recycled plastic, so once you’ve got one you won’t ever need a replacement – and the range of stunning pastel colours to choose from means it makes a stylist addition to your go bags. 

They’re changing the world by… introducing a world-first design for their refills, which are completely biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Sustainable, refillable deodorant that smells great and does the job without hurting the planet. 

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Wild Deoderant

Name: UpCircle 

What they’re selling: Beauty products that your skin will love, made from ‘leftover’ repurposed natural ingredients. They rescue and reuse ten skin-loving natural ingredients from industries across the world, saving the nourishing byproducts of the argan, tea, juice, date, olive and wood industries to fight waste. 

The origin story: In 2015, founders (and siblings!) William and Anna pondered how many valuable coffee grounds were being chucked from cafes all across London. On a mission to save the grounds from an untimely death and instead give them a new lease of life in a new product, they launched their first scrub at the 2016 London Coffee Festival. Now, they collect grounds from hundreds of cafes across the capital to create the stunning skincare range available at UpCircle. 

Why we’re obsessed: It’s an ingenious way to reduce waste, and one we would never have thought of – but makes complete sense!

They’re changing the world by… creating products that are *deep breath* natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, sustainable, handmade in the UK and housed in 100% recyclable packaging. The list of great things goes on (and on). 

In a nutshell, we love them for: thinking up an ingenious use for valuable materials that would otherwise go to waste, and creating stunning self-care products that are just as eco-friendly as the ingredients. 

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Name: Wear Em Out

What they’re selling: Reusable menstrual pads, tailored to your changing flow and easy to wash.

The origin story: In the words of CEO Lauren, Wear Em Out was founded with “eco-curious, modern people” in mind, who want to tweak their lifestyle to protect our “innocent and affected planet.” 

Why we’re obsessed: Not only are you doing your bit to help the planet, but the pads are made from a high-quality absorbent fabric that means you have peace of mind while on your period – plus, you save money on all of those disposable supplies in the long run. 

They’re changing the world by… offering alternatives to adding more waste to landfill. A single disposable pad or tampon takes longer to degrade than the lifespan of the person who wore it, and 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste is sent to UK landfill per year. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Changing the menstrual hygiene game and creating a reusable product that doesn’t involve much any more faff than your normal routine. 

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Sustainable summer - Wear Em Out

Name: Bower Collective

What they’re selling: All the sustainable, refillable supplies you could want to run a happy home delivered exactly when you need them. 

The origin story: The brand was inspired by the bowerbird, cute birds famous for recycling bright plastic scraps and colourful debris to decorate its nest and attract mates. 

Why we’re obsessed: Along with their easy, flexible subscription service and the huge range of products on offer, they’ve partnered with the Marine Conservation Society so every purchase you make will protect 1m² of endangered seagrass in UK coastal waters. Plus, every delivery they make is carbon-neutral. 

They’re changing the world by… Making it super easy to embrace sustainability with their subscription service, offering free returns of their refill pouches to be recycled and regular updates so you only get what you need to minimise waste. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Thinking of everything when it comes to running an eco-friendly home, especially the little details like quality refill containers and a recycle plan for when the pouches reach the end of their lives. 

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Name: The Restory 

What they’re selling: An on-demand wardrobe repair and restoration service which wants to help you fall back in love with your fave wardrobe staples all over again, instead of sending more garms to landfill. 

The origin story: Made up of a team of industry experts and up-and-coming artisans, The Restory are “dedicated to bringing the art of the craft and the convenience of technology right to your doorstep”, helping even the busiest of people find time to save their clothes from the trash. 

Why we’re obsessed: UK landfills see around 300 million pairs of shoes thrown in every year, plus an estimated £140m worth of clothing. The Restory wants to reduce that number by giving tired clothes a new lease of life – all you have to do is book a time to drop your clothes off and describe the repairs/improvements each piece needs, and the designers will work their magic. 

They’re changing the world by… saving clothes from heading into landfill, and encouraging more people to future-proof their clothes to last longer. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Providing a practical, convenient way to extend the life of your best-loved clothes and putting a stop to the endless cycle of consuming and disposing at the expense of the environment. 

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Sustainable summer - The Restory

Name: Sanchos

What they’re selling: Ethical, stylish clothes that keep both your wardrobe and the planet happy – without the extortionate price tag. All of their products are ethically made with sustainable materials and are either sourced from larger eco-friendly companies or small businesses. 

The origin story: Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius opened their first pop up store in 2014 after meeting in university. A few months later they opened their first permanent shop dedicated to affordable sustainable clothing. Sanchos was founded after the two saw first-hand the effects of fast fashion on developing countries, and wanted to offer a different way to dress. 

Why we’re obsessed: Organic, vegan, sustainable and founded by friends eager to make a positive difference in the world – what more could you ask for. 

They’re changing the world by… encouraging their customers to do their own research and ask questions when it comes to sustainable clothes, cultivating a clued-up community of people passionate about doing eco-friendly fashion right. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Actively working towards making ethical, sustainable fashion accessible no matter what your budget is, and always challenging themselves to do better as their brand grows. 

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Name: Turtle Bags

What they’re selling: Reusable, planet-friendly bags to carry all your essentials. 

The origin story: Founded in 2002 (before banning plastic bags from supermarkets was cool), Turtle Bags wanted to raise awareness around the impact the single-use bags were having on the environment – and offer an alternative. 

Why we’re obsessed: swapping plastic bags for reusable ones are a super easy swap, and Turtle Bags have an option for everything from your weekly supermarket shop to recycled seagrass baskets perfect for a cute summer picnic. 

They’re changing the world by… working with Fair Trade partners, who are equally as committed to eco-friendly practices. They also donate 10% of their profits to the Marine Conservation Society to work towards saving the turtles their brand is named after. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Trying to make a difference to our plastic-consumption habits by offering quality product alternatives, before abolishing single-use plastic was hot. 

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Sustainable summer - Turtle bags

Name: Rare Tea

What they’re selling: Loose leaf tea sourced directly from farmers, free from the pesticides and bleaches found in ordinary tea bags. 

The origin story: Founded in 2004 by Henrietta Lovell (known as the Tea Lady), Rare Tea aims to cut out the middleman and build relationships with their tea farmers themselves, finding great tea from happy people. 

Why we’re obsessed: They’ve got two groups in mind: people who love tea, and people who make it. By working with farmers, they ensure the tea gardens operate ethically and employees are paid fairly for their product – and in turn, their microplastic-free tea leaves a sweet taste with their customers. 

They’re changing the world by…  Investing in the communities that work hard to produce their delicious tea, to help independent family businesses thrive. 

In a nutshell, we love them for: Treating a good cup of tea like a fine wine: worth an extra penny for the quality, and an extra second to savour the delicate taste. 

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