4th March 2021

HIIT vids and fad diets: could June 21 ruin exercise?

With the pressure of June 21st, what could the pressure of a post-lockdown glow-up do to our relationship with exercise?


4th March 2021

Outdoor activities that aren’t walking

So, we might see life open up again over the next few months. But what can you do with your friend(s) outside that isn't strolling?

4th March 2021

5 ways to reframe ‘get fit’ thinking

The words we all need to hear sometimes.

25th February 2021

Would you want this job perk?

With the rise of wellness becoming a corporate responsibility, we have to ask: are the lines between home and work become too blurred?

25th February 2021

Anxious about lockdown easing? You’re not alone.

While everyone else seems to celebrate lockdown easing, you might find yourself less enthused - here's how you can manage those emotions.

25th February 2021

5 ways to actively improve your WFH mood

Check out these 5 steps that you could easily implement right now to make WFH a little more bearable - you're welcome!

22nd February 2021

Why is it up to Gen Z to buy sustainable clothes?

Sustainable fashion can become an accessible reality if more demographics get on board: here's how to make that happen!

19th February 2021

The unstoppable rise of the activist model

From Amanda Gorman to Marcus Rashford, a string of high profile campaigners are being signed up to top modelling agencies. Is activism just the latest must-have trend?

19th February 2021

Inside Napier

A former army barracks is being used to house asylum seekers in appalling conditions. This is the story of what it's like inside - and how you can help.

15th February 2021

Is this how teens talk about sex?

After Zoella was pulled from the GCSE curriculum for sharing a sex toy guide, it's time to talk about the taboo of female pleasure...

12th February 2021

What you should watch or read tonight, based on your relationship status

Fancy a film to watch or book to read this Valentines Day? We've got you covered - and we've even categorised by relationship status!